where they live and favorite places

You can find raccoons in shallow waters such as ponds creeks lakes and swamps. They are found in the rocky terrian destert canyons for its weathers, and on treetops in the tropical forests.They like to live in nests like large rock piles hollow logs, and in tree holes, usually they rest in trees.But most of the time they are in these places to raise their young. They both live in trees and n ground, they like to live in tree holes.and high grasses, and old houses.

exact places

there are many more places where raccoons hide. Raccoons are very sly and sneaky animals. the other places where Raccoons like to nest are abandoned vehicles,wood duck nest boxes,attics,crawl spaces, and chimneys.Usually they nest in Urban areas.Raccoons move to many diffrent shelters maybe 2 or 3 a day they move depending on the weather.They most of the time are moving around night time so their prey and predators dont see them. They lke to like in the country in colder areas.